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Alternative Transport 


Motorcycle Hearse

Motorcycle Funerals is a specialist Hearse supplier based in Leicestershire, it was the brainchild of the late, great Rev. Paul Sinclair dubbed "The Faster Pastor" following Rev. Paul's passing the company has stayed in the family and continues to uphold the excellent service and reputation that has built up from years of dedication and commitment, for more details and prices please get in touch.

Horse Drawn 

A Horse drawn Hearse can bring a beautiful feel to the journey of a loved one, using Horse drawn Occasions as our supplier of choice has given us lots of alternative hearse options, style and horses that are lovingly cared for by their owners. Neil and Elaine are always on hand to add those lovely touches to the dressing of the horses on the day, this could be a favourite colour or the theme of a sporting team, speak to us for prices and details. 


Morris Minor Hearse


To cater for the VW lovers we can source a camper van style hearse these beautifully restored and cared for campers are an absolute must for those that love the VW brand for more information and prices please get in touch. 

Volkswagon Camper van 

A great alternative to a traditional Hearse is a Morris Minor, perfect for the enthusiast, for more information and prices please get in touch. 

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