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First Steps

First Steps are to decide your chosen funeral director and give them a call in this case it is 0116 2698120 any time of day, you will be guided through the phone call where you may be asked for a few details such as your loved one's name, date of birth, date & time of death, where the person has died (If a medical practitioner has attended if at Home), next of kin details such as name and number. The Funeral Director will then arrange to bring your loved one into our care.

The Procedure To Be Followed After A Death 

The procedure to follow after a death will depend on the circumstances surrounding the death. A medical certificate of the cause of death must be obtained from a doctor. This certificate will enable you to register the death and obtain a death certificate. 

When The Death Occurs At Home

Inform the family doctor as soon as possible that death has occurred. He or She may write out the Medical Certificate of the cause of Death upon visiting the home or request you to attend the surgery for this purpose. 

When The Death Occurs in a Nursing Home 

The Staff of the Hospice or Nursing Home will inform you of the death of your loved one and will help you to obtain the Medical Certificate of the cause of death. They will also be available to help you with advice until you contact us to make the funeral arrangements. 

When The Death Occurs in Hospital 

The Hospital staff will inform the next of kin or named person of the death. Your loved one will be transferred to the Hospital Chapel. The Bereavement services department will arrange for the medical certificate of the cause of death to be issued.

When The Death Is Referred To The Coroner 

Sometimes the coroner will need to be informed when a doctor cannot issue the medical cause of death, or the deceased has not seen a G.P within the last 28 Days.

In these circumstances the coroner's office will produce a certificate once the coroner has determined the cause of death. This will be sent by the coroner's office to the registrar's office in the district where the death occurred allowing you now to register.



HM Coroner's Office 

for Rutland and 

North Leicestershire 

0116 305 77 32 


HM Coroner's Office

Leicester City and West

0116 454 1030

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